Grey Mediation
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Do you have a parenting or property dispute that you want to resolve without long and costly court battles? We can help you.

Mediation can be used to resolve your issues in weeks, not months or years if you use the Court process! Just imagine the time and money you would save in mediating.

We provide a safe, nurturing environment where everything is confidential.

You can use mediation to reach a solution that works for everyone.

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GreyMatta is not just an online shop.

It IS an online shop, where you can buy anything from screws for your rack through to printers, software, full computer systems and servers.

GreyMatta also offers IT services throughout the Limestone Coast in South Australia. The services include, but are not limited to:

Computer problem troubleshooting and repair;
Computer upgrades and software installation;
Computer setup;
PC builds;
Home networking.