Who We Are

Lime FM is your positive alternative!

There’s plenty of stuff around that tries to bring us down, songs with lyrics that demean women or has messages we just don’t want our kids to hear.  Lime FM’s music is positive, clean with good messages we all need to hear.

Lime FM is the Limestone Coast’s community Christian station located in Mount Gambier, South Australia, broadcastingbroadcast a great mix of music and recorded programs.

Being a community station we rely solely on the support of volunteers to keep the station going, as well business support through sponsorship and grants.

And being a community station we are all about where we live, you’ll hear:

  • the latest news: local, national and international
  • weather
  • community service announcements
  • local music
  • interviews
  • promotion of local events
  • church news
  • discussions and programs relevant to your life

We reach the entire Limestone coast and into Western Victoria on 104.9 FM.

Where we’ve come from

We weren’t always the station we are now! Lime FM began in the early 1990’s as RHEMA FM. It was started by a few committed and visionary Christians who had a strong desire to see Christian radio in the region and began South East Christian Broadcasters.

RHEMA FM started humbly on very low power on 99.9 fm in a caravan that had several homes from paddocks to people’s driveways! Originally under the temporary license the station could only broadcast a certain number of days a month but the people loved what they heard and their support saw the ABA (now ACMA) grant RHEMA FM a full time temporary license.

From there a new home was found in the old railway building on Railway Terrace, which allowed the building of fully fledged studios and room for expansion. (The caravan was very squeezy!)

Every year the ABA approved the license to be continued eventually granting a full time permanent license and a switch to the more powerful 104.9 fm frequency.

Through God’s provision, South East Christian Broadcasters purchased a communication tower located on ‘the bluff’ allowing our signal to reach deep into the region but also provide income via leasing signal space to other organizations.

The station continued to grow under several managers and was honed and fine tuned and after nearly 18 years as RHEMA FM the board decided to change its name to more closely reflect where we are, as well as our mission.

In October 2014 we launched a repeater especially for Naracoorte.  Due to it’s physical location, Naracoorte suffers from poor radio coverage.  With our repeater, broadcasting on 99.3, we can now cover Naracoorte fully and thoroughly cover the Limestone Coast, thanks especially to Craig’s Visioin.