2017 “Be The Spark” End of Financial Year Appeal

It’s time for Lime FM’s annual End of Financial Year appeal: Be The Spark

Your gift today will help to reach the $20,000 target and ignite hope across the Limestone Coast!

Reaching this goal by 30 June is vital to keeping Lime FM on the air so we can continue igniting sparks of hope this year.

And hope is certainly needed! Lisa listens to Christian radio and recently shared with us:

I was diagnosed with cancer last year.  Songs of hope have brought me to tears many times.  They feed my faith that I have a God who knows what I’m going through and is in control… and loves me.

We’re sure you’ve had many times when a spark of hope helped you in a dark situation… when an answer to prayer, a positive word or a Bible verse shone through at just the right moment.

That’s what you help being to Lisa, and thousands other listeners, through your support of Lime FM – sparks of hope!

And it’s amazing what a spark can do.  It only takes a spark to start something new and powerful.

For many of us, the moment of our salvation happened when a tiny spark in our hearts prompted us to call out to God.  And just a spark of inspiration leads people to do amazing things.

God has a way of making small things glorious.  That’s why we hope you’ll give whatever you can – whether it’s a small gift or a large gift – because whatever you give can ignite hope!

As you may know, there are certain requirements we must adhere to as a community radio station.  For example, we have to prove we have the financial support of our community, and we can only use sponsorship advertising for five minutes each hour (which isn’t enough to sustain the station).

Each day it takes a $626 investment to bring hope to people across the Limestone Coast.  This means your donation is truly precious to keeping Lime FM alive and to reaching the $20,000 goal to keep us on air.

So, please click the link below to send your gift today.

Through your gift, you will be igniting sparks of hope to impact lives like these listeners…

I was going through a really rough time feeling really down and lost.  After listening to the radio I Started to feel better and I have also started going to church – so thank you! – Jan

I was a victim of domestic violence.  I Felt my life was really bad, but listening to the radio always lifted me and made me realise that God is always by my side.  Thank you for all the encouragement and support you’ve given me.  – Jackie

Your gift today is vital to continue igniting sparks of hope to lives like these.  So, please give generously to help meet this vital $20,000 goal by 30 June!

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