Miracles Day 2016

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Lime FM is partnering with CBM Australia on Thursday 25 August for Miracles Day. A Miracle is restoring sight to the World’s poorest people through a cataract operation.
Last year, Miracles Day raised funds to provide over 20,000 ‘Miracles’ of the world’s poorest men, women and children with the sight-saving surgery they needed. In 2016, combined, we’re aiming to raise 20,000 Miracle gifts of sight!

Through CBM, $32 can fund a 12-minute cataract operation, restoring not only sight but also hope to someone who otherwise would continue living with blindness. Cataract surgery can give children the opportunity to go to school for the first time, and can release their families from the need to constantly provide care and instead earn an income to break free from poverty.

Cataract is the world’s leading cause of blindness, and over 20 million people worldwide live with cataracts. However, up to 80% of blindness is preventable or treatable. This is why Miracles Day is so important in helping to restore sight to those who can least afford it.

CBM Australia is part of the world’s largest disability development organisation committed to improving the lives of people with disabilities in the poorest countries.

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