Speak LIFE End of Financial Year Appeal


Help Lime FM speak LIFE into our city!

Thank you for your special tax-deductible gift below to help meet the $20,000 June Appeal goal and keep Lime FM on the air!

Your gift – whatever the amount – contributes toward this major goal and helps make sure the ministry of Lime FM can keep going, growing and speaking LIFE across the city in the weeks and months ahead.

As you may already know, Lime FM is not-for-profit so every single dollar you give is vital to the ministry and is put into action to impact as many lives as possible – lives desperate for Christ’s LIFE, peace, hope and joy.

So thank you again for your generosity. We appreciate your friendship and support to speak LIFE loud and clear with the volume turned up!

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Half of the money raised will be going towards ordering / installing a brand new shiny Transmitter! This means you will be able to hear us more clearly and stronger than ever (plus we will save on electrity!!).

With every donation over $100 a supporter will help feed a child for a month through Feed The Hungry and if you give over $50 we will give you membership of Lime FM free!

A special thanks to the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) for a grant of over $20,000 to go towards the new transmitter. So now we need to raise the last $10,000 so we can order the Transmitter!